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    Create a Total over Year Dimension

    Andre L
      Does anybody have an idea on how to create a total over the Year dimension in Hyperion Planning (11.1.2 - Still using the Classic App since EPMA components seem tio not working properly on windows server 2008 R2 x64.)
      or has an idea which of the following would be a valid approch since I cannot define aggregation to the Year Node in Planning. No addition seems to be possible possible. Background is to get the total over 5 up to 15 years for a long term capital expenditure strategy.

      The following ideas came to mind:

      1.) FY09 + FY10+ FY11 as a dynamic calc on the last year in the system (as a formula)
      2.) Create a calculation rule that aggregates Year (but i cannot seem to be able to change the years to addition

      I would appreciate your input or any additional ideas.

      Best Regards

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          Alp Burak
          Yes, you can't create aggregation levels in Year dimension. But you have period dimension in which you can create dynamically calculated base time periods which you can use combined with No Year.
          So create a member in Period Dimension called Total of 3 Years. Place a member formula in it (IF(@ISMBR("No Year") FY09+FY10+FY11; ENDIF).
          You can use this period combined with No Year.

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            Can I make Year a "normal" dimension rather than an attribute? We are trying to find a way that we can leave the Supress Missing option ON with Essbase Add-In and still have the dimensions show up instead of getting an error message. We do a lot of AdHoc analysis and it's a pain to have to turn the options on and off continually. Thanks.