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    Partition failing

      I had an existing replicated partition which was working fine until recently when its failing quite often. it may be due to the replicated partition being called multiple times within a short period of time.

      THe error message we are getting is the destination cube has active users.

      When I did some reaserach about it and found out that during a partition memory blocks are locked and if the partition was interrupted in the middle the blocks are locked and are not released...

      How can I work around this issue? I am not under a tight timeline and feedback would be appreciated.

      Here's the script I use for the partition

      MAXL> alter database 'CSLease'.'CSLease' unlock all objects;

      MAXL> alter database 'CSBUDGET'.'CSBUDGET' unlock all objects;

      MAXL> ALter database CSlease.CSLease enable committed_mode;

      MAXL> ALter database CSBudget.CSBudget enable committed_mode;

      MAXL> Alter Database CSlease.CSLease set lock_timeout after 1;

      MAXL> Alter Database CSBudget.CSBudget set lock_timeout after 1;

      MAXL> create or replace replicated partition CSLease.CSLease
      2> area '
      3> @UDA(Properties,"Building") AND @DESCENDANTS("Arena : NA"),
      4> @LEVMBRS(Currencies,0),
      5> Budget,
      6> @UDA(Years, FutureYear1),
      7> Amount,
      8> Version1,
      9> @LEVMBRS(Periods,0) AND @DESCENDANTS(Annual),
      10> "651781"
      11> ' SourceA
      12> to CSBudget.CSBudget at BFPEssBQ01 as bfpdev identified by PRSguitar12
      13> area '
      14> @UDA(Properties,"Building") AND @DESCENDANTS("Arena : NA"),
      15> @LEVMBRS(Currencies,0),
      16> Budget,
      17> @UDA(Years, FutureYear1),
      18> Amount,
      19> Version1,
      20> @LEVMBRS(Periods,0) AND @DESCENDANTS(Annual),
      21> "651781", "BU_None","Rem"
      22> ' TargetA
      23> mapped globally ('') to ('BU_None')
      24> mapped globally ('') to ('Rem');

      ERROR - 1023057 - Cannot replace partition defn file while there are other active users on database [CSBudget], check application log for details.

      MAXL> refresh replicated partition CSLease.CSLease to CSBudget.CSBudget at BFPEssBQ01 all data;

      ERROR - 1023040 - msg from remote site [[Tue Jun 15 11:51:23 2010]BFPEssBQ01/CSBudget/CSBudget/bfpdev/Error(1023001) No matching region defined for the specified server,app,db: [BFPEssbQ01, CSLease, CSLease]].

      MAXL> drop replicated partition CSLease.CSLease to CSBudget.CSBudget at BFPEssBQ01;

      ERROR - 1241128 - Partition does not exist - 'can't open remote partition definition file'.

      MAXL> logout;

      User bfpdev is logged out
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          The error message clearly shows there are some active users on one database.

          Before creating the partition you need to do following activities.

          1. disable connections on both applications
          2. kill requests
          3. Logout users forcefully
          4. Then create partition

          by this way there will be no active users on both application and you will be able to create partition successfully.

          also i see that your maxl was not checking for errors in previous statement and proceeding with the next statement. there is no use of performing refresh partition when the partition itself is not created.

          Use iferror command in script between statements to branch the flow if any of the command ends with error code.

          create partition........................
          iferror 'badexit';
          refresh partition....
          iferror 'badexit';
          define lable 'badexit';

          - Krish
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            Thanks for the feedback Krishna. I did try killing all requests and unobjects in the applications, but it does not work. The problem is when a user is running a partition, and if another user runs the same partition( by request) during the process of the other partition, the error is occuring. It looks like an essbase bug. The error is due to the first partition leaving some memory blocks locked and not unlocking them if the partition is interrupted in the middle.
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              Hi Dilan,

              Here you are trying to create a replicated partition from CSLease to CSBudget application.

              And its throwing error that there were some active users on the databse CSBudget.

              So have you disable logins & logged out all users on CSBudget application.

              Also have you checked if the Logging out users was successful.

              Whether CSBudget application is participating in any transparent partition ?

              Post the Maxl Statements sequence you have executed and their error logs for further analysis.

              - Krish
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                I have manually checked and removed all active users through EAS and even ran the Maxl statement to kill all active users. The problem is when essbase locks a memory block during a partition ( and if the process was interrupted) it does not unlock it after a certain amount of time, was told it is a essbase bug.

                There are no transparent paritions and just teh replicated parttion I am using , the Maxl statement I am using is the one I stated above
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                  But in the mentioned maxl script, you were not disabling connections on both cubes.

                  So even if you logout user, a new user will be able to login when the maxl execution is in progress.

                  So its better to disable logins on both apps.

                  - Krish
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                    Hi Dilan,
                    We got the same issue since yesterday when tried to create replicate partition between two applications in the same server.
                    ERROR - 1023001 - No matching region defined for the specified server,app,db:
                    How did you walkaround the issue as now we are not able to create partition at all. Thanks.

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                      Stan, your message looks different and it looks like the region does not exist in the destination app.

                      IN reference to my issue, I had to disable logins for the partition to work, and since I didn't want to kick out users who are using the app, I create the partition once when users are not logged in, and then just refresh the partition everytime data is updated on the source database.
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                        Hi Dilan,

                        is your issue resolved by disabling connects & logging out users on both databases or still you are facing the issue?

                        - krish
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