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    restructuring process

      Hi Gurus,

      What happens in the background when we build the dimension with out dropping an existing partition!!
      In my case..

      the restructuring after the last built file got built , its taking lot of time to restructure!!
      not lot of time its restructuring for ever!!

      I know that otl and ddb is related!!

      how exactly they are related!!
      what all the process are taking place?

      In may case its a transparent partition between BSO and ASO!!
      BSO got builded with out any issue
      while coming to the ASO the above is happening!!

      Any suggestions?


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          Srinivas Bobbala
          Once you logout all the sessions and disable the connections, Partition will not create any issues for the restructuring.
          In the BSO cube if you are building sparse dimensions, only .otl and .ind files will be restructured.
          It is very fast compared to dense restructure.(.otl+.ind+.pag files will be restructured).

          There is no dense/sparse concept in the ASO applications.
          Any dimension building will push the cube to full restructure.
          .otl and entire .dat file will be redefined.
          Obviously it takes time based on the .dat file size.
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            Hi Srinivas,

            Thanks for your input!!
            We are still in Essbase 7.1.3!
            any dimension build in ASO will cause a full restructure and will clear all the data!
            so I think it is independent on .dat file!!

            let me explain my issue in detail!!

            lets say I'm building the XYZ application!!
            I'm copying the .OTL from other application to XYZ application and on that I'm building the dimentions!!
            that was our devlopment architecture!!

            when I'm doing the same with BSO every thing went good!!
            when I did the same thing with ASO the restructuring process is taking forever. (restructuring is being done after building every build file, the problem is only after the bilding the last file in the script).

            After dropping the partitions are running again every thing is going good!!

            any suggestions??

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              any input? any suggestions?

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                Srinivas Bobbala
                Then. No issues. Define the batch flow like this:
                1) Drop the partition
                2) BSO cube build
                3) ASO Cube build
                4) Recreate the partition.
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                  Hi Srinivas,

                  I know abt that!!
                  just want to know how it is affecting restructuring!!