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    Shared Services on on System 9

      Hi, please could someone help me........

      I am currently migrating from Essbase 7.1.5 to System 9. I know this is a few releases old but we dont have the ability to move to 11.1.

      We have installed all of the foundation server software and the essbase server, when it comes to using the user management consol i can login with the standard admin password setup and then click on any of the 3 tree structures (User Directories/Projects or Unassigned Applications) it just sits there and hangs?? Im currently using IE8.

      I have tried this on an old machine that i have a limited time to use which is running IE7 and it works fine? is there a fix or is this a well known problem. if anyone could advise then that would be great.
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          IE8 is not supported on the default install of 9.3.1, you could have a look at My Oracle Support to see if any patches have been released for IE8 and 9.3.1, I know some were released for workspace but not sure about shared services.


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            Many thanks for your response i will check out if there are any patches. Few thought i was going mad for a second :-) i do however have anouther question...... The reason we where going to use shared services was becuase we wanted to be able to import users from AD. Now seeing as we only have Essbase and no other products. The only way in which our users access essbase is through the Excel add-in. My question is, is Sharred services needed? can i just set up all our users on the Essbase server itself like how we used to do it in 7.1.5?
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              Yes, I believe you can leave the essbase in native mode and not convert to shared service mode.
              That way you should be able to maintain the security there as you were doing in 7x version.
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                You can run Essbase in native mode, but you will not be able to import users from AD.

                you need shared services to import users from AD and use the id & password from AD.

                - Krish
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                  previously we had some issues while using shared services on IE7.

                  changing few options in IE settings, fixed our issue.

                  In Internet options -> Security Tab -> click on custom level -> Enable "Allow script initiated windows without size or position constraints"

                  Apply & Restart IE.

                  I guess, similar kind of tweaks on IE Security will let you run shared services on IE8 also.

                  - Krish
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                    Hi Many thanks for your answers. If i dont have shared services, then how can i administer the Essbase server through EAS? the reason i ask is becuase you have top log onto EAS credentials through Shared services dont you? Sorry may be being ignorant but previously to this migration atempt we use Essbase 7.1.5 which has an external License server that we would use to log onto EAS. I feel a little lost....
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                      No need of shared services for using EAS, it runs in native mode. You can manage security either through EAS or MAXL simillar to that on 7.1.5

                      The below link will guide you in managing Security in Native mode.


                      - Krish
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                        Again many thanks to all of you, i feel a little better about going ahead with this aspect now. :-)