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    LCM migration - Unable to see “Planning Dev Applications” Under "App group"

      ----- Situation ------
      * We have hyperion
      * Objective i- trying to perform a LCM file-migration from our DEV environment to UAT
      * DEV has only one PMA enabled Planning Application (“budget”), few FR reports & other related artifacts.

      ----- So far --------
      * Successfully Exported these 4 (Shared-services, EPMA, Planning & FR) from our DEV
      * Successfully IMPORTED first 2 (Shared services, EPMA).
      * Although the migration-Status shows failed in my case, noticed all the artifacts have been successfully Migrated. (Noticed Similar claims have reported in other posts as well.)

      But, I am stuck on the Third Step, Planning Artifacts Imports. Since, I don’t see “Planning Dev Applications” Under “Application Group” (in shared-services console).

      What Should I do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      [do I have to create new Planning Application under the same name “Budget” in our UAT & start performing Import ? ]