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    FDM load to HFM: Stream Failed, Invalid file path provided!

      Hi Everyone,
      Can any one help me out of this?! I am trying to load a data file to HFM through FDM. It's working fine if I keep the feature "Enable Drillable Region Load" off. But this is required for drilling back from HFM. Whenevere, I try to load the data file with this feature on, I get the following error:

      Stream Failed, Invalid file path provided!

      As you can see, I tried with the UNC style path. But the problem is: the application is looking for a .ua2 file. I checked and found that this file is not present in the Data directory. What can be the problem? Why is FDM not creating this .ua2 file?

      My setup is as follows:

      Server 1: in-ccubicoe2 - has FDM
      Server 2: in-ccubicoe3 - has HFM
      Hyperion version on Windows 2003 server 32 bit. DCOM etc. is probably configured fine as I am able to lookup HFM dimension members from FDM.

      Any suggestion would be of great help.