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    Retaining the order of records in core table binding

      Hi All,

      I have few records in a table (using af:table) with 4 columns(say a,b,c,d).
      I sort the table with column a and then column b.
      Then I select a record to update it. After selecting a record I call valueChangeListener (of af:selectOneChoice) from bkb class.

      The problem is it keep the selection of the record but changes the order of records in the table. So before value change listener method call if the record selected was at ,say, 4th position, after method call it’s at position other than 4. And because of that it shows wrong record as selected.

      (I am using binding attribute to bind the values in table. To select records i am using my own logic instead of using af:tableSelectMany).

      Could you please help me how can i retain the order of records in Core table binding.