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    java and security issues.

      hi all

      i am using JRE instead of jinitiator in windows server 2003 sp2 but i got security issue with java.
      here is the error.

      *** java has discovered application components that could indicate a security concern.
      Name: Oracle.forms.engine.Main
      Block potentially unsafe components from being run?(recommended)

      when i press no so the application is working fine but when i press yes the icons and some buttons are not working.

      any suggestion?

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          Gert Poel
          Which JRE?
          Is it higher then 1.6 update 18?
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            i have downloaded the latest version from java.com.
            i did not get this...update 18?

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              Michael Ferrante-Oracle

              As Francois mentioned in your other post which was related to this one, we don't have a crystal ball. It is really important that when you start a thread you include clear details of the problem. Exact error messages, product versions, and how you are reproducing the problem are important in order for anyone to be able to help.

              Given that, I will assume you are referring to the new JRE Mixed code warning message. See here:


              Basically, this dialog will be displayed if you are using a mixed of signed and unsigned jar files. For example, Forms includes signed jar files, but if you were to add your own jar (e.g. icons.jar) and did not sign it, the warning would be displayed.

              Be aware that we have also noted that this new behavior may also be thrown if you use the Forms BACKGROUND, SPLASHSCREEN, or LOGO parameters in the formsweb.cfg. If you refer to an image file which is stored on the server the warning will be presented. To work around this problem, there are currently three options:

              Option 1. Store the images in a jar and sign it. Include the jar in the ARCHIVE parameter.
              Option 2. Fully qualify the location of the image. For example if you created a directory on the server under \forms\java named \images you could do this:


              Option 3. Don't use these parameters :)

              Also, be aware that using JRE 1.6.0 with Forms 904 is not recommended or was it ever supported. You will likely have problems using this combination. Additionally, I noticed (in your other post) that you were trying to use WebUtil 10.1.2 with 904. Also not recommended or supported.
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                what about webutil.1.6? is supportable with 9.0....?
                i am signing the icons.jar.i will let you know soon.

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                  Michael Ferrante-Oracle
                  WebUtil 1.0.6 was supported back in the days when 904 was supported. Both version are no longer entitled to support, so I guess it doesn't really matter what you use. Regarding which JRE to use, 904 (10g-R1) information can be found here:

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                    i am getting security issues only in windows server 2003 but in xp it is working fine.
                    Anyways thanks for supporting and helping me.