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    Functionality of Siebel Marketing

      I want to know the functionality of various siebel applicaions. We all use Contacts, Accounts, Product, Service Requests etc in Siebel. But for each specific applications like Call Center, eMedia, eMedical, Life Sciences, Marketing what is the functionality or business process that is differentiating it from other applications?

      Can anyone tell me the business flow that is the basis for developing each of these applications? In a broader sense, I am looking for 'what a eMedia business does by using eMedia application, that I can not achieve through eMedical or Marketing'?

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          Hi Topsiy,

          Its not that you cannot achieve a certain functionality of one application in another. Basically they all broadly use the same Business Components.
          The difference comes in the logic of operation.
          Since I have experience in Siebel Automotive and Financial Services applications from what I see is that the Business Logic varies considerably. So while in an automotive application the driving point was contact and vehicles, Financial Services has Policy and Claims.
          So its just that the guys at Siebel worked out the broad logic on which all the different industry sectors can be split into and made them into specific applications that focus in that area of operation. So if you are working on Marketing Application, then the logic of operation for the business will be broadly built into the Marketing module with the corresponding Screens and Views.

          Hope I am able to clear the air a bit,
          With Regards,
          Tanmay Jain
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            Hi Tanmay,

            Thank you for your input. My query is about the logic only. Means, for a Call Center application the basic logic can be like, the customer calls the sales rep & in turn the process flows. I want to know the details logic & respective process flow for this applications.

            Your help is much appreciated.

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              Hi Topsiy

              The logic varies widely with different business processes. In general, you can say that in a Call Center application the following steps may happen:

              1. User dials in and Siebel CTI routes the call to the appropriate agent.
              2. This gets registered as an event and also creates an activity in the application as a child of the event.
              3. Agent opens up a smart script and fills in user responses to the various standard questions.
              4. If user is satisfied, agent completes the activity and closes the call.
              5. Else, the call is transfered to a superior or another more knowledgeable agent for proper resolution.
              6. A new activity is created for the other user and process loops as in above steps.

              The stuff in bold is standard Siebel Terminology generally used in a Call Center Application.
              The stuff in italics is also standard Siebel Terminology but different organizations may call it differently.

              For in depth details about Siebel CTI you may like to refer to Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide in the bookshelf.
              With Regards,
              Tanmay Jain