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    RAC training@ Oracle University, Advice please


      Could you tell about the environment @ Oracle university for RAC database training? Will they give training in RAC database setup environment or simply on virtual machines.

      What is the advantage/difference between training @ Oracle & training at a training institute.

      We are in process of implementing Oracle 2 node RAC11g db with 2 node application server(10g R3) on solaris..

      thanks a lot

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          The training is more important than on what hardware the training will be. The concepts should be clear. Even if you go outside people will be mostly using the LINUX based instlations than Solaris. Faculty should be having real time exp and how good they are teaching the basics are more important. For real time exp and case studied register yourself at www.oracleracsig.org
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            Well said.

            Moreover, howmuchever training you take, before doing the install, you should go through all the relevant documentation for your implementation, prepare checklist and make sure everything w.r.t your environment marry well. You'll need to work closely with your Unix SA (that's unless you ain't a unix admin as well).

            Good luck.

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              Thanks for replying. I know training/concept is important. This is a one time training opportunity(corporate tr). I am not aware the faculty's expertise at local training institute. I would like to choose the best & unable to decide, so posted here. My curiosity was to know setup @ Oracle university. any how thanks guys.
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                Hans Forbrich
                I am currently teaching the Oracle University RAC course.

                There are 4 'usual' ways to take this course form OU:

                - At an OU location using Oracle equipment;
                - At an OU partner location using Oracle equipment;
                - At an OU partner location on partner equipment;
                - At the customer location on their equipment.

                The first two ways involve the attendee being in a classroom, the computers running the RAC in another center, and VNC sessions from the classroom desktop to the RAC computers. As long as the network is OK, this is a fantastic way of doing the OU course. ( Being an OU partner, I am biased toward the second or third.)

                The third has a few possibilities.

                - In one, I supply 2 computers with multiple NICs to each student (or team of 2 students), plus either a dual-headed FireWire disk or an extra computer being configured as an OpenFiler iSCSI disk server. The classroom has 2 or 3 GB switches. (I use 3 if iSCSI.) The students then install Linux, clusterware and RAC.

                - In another, the center supplies one larger machine and we have 3 VMs ... one as OpenFiler and two as RAC nodes pre-configured with Oracle Enterprise Linux.

                The fourth is the most interesting, as I end up going in about a week ahead of time (at customer expense) and configuring their equipment to meet the class structure.

                In all cases, the course material is the same ... lecture + lab to install clusterware, ASM, RAC, administration at each level, RAC-specific performance analysis and tuning, show how to implement applicaiton failover and fast application notification, and application design consideration for HA and performance.

                One common mistake by customers is to send only DBAs. RAC depends on the System, Network and Disk Administrators working with the DBAs and they MUST be trained as well.
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                  Thanks Hans for replying. Appreciated.