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    New database server

      We are upgrading our server hardware, operating system and SQL. We are going from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2003 to SQL Server 2008. We currently on PeopleTools 8.49.09. We copied over the ps_home from the old server to new and our DBA refreshed the database to the new DB server. We built new PIAs and successfully brought up 2 lower environments (DEV, TEST). Now we are trying to do the same with a QUA environment. Following the same process, after I built the new PIA and new ODBC connection to new database server 02, I tried starting up the new QUA. It seemed to start fine with no errors that I could see, however, it appears to be connecting to the old database server. When I sign on to new QUA and make node config changes, I noticed the changes were appearing in old QUA. I only have one ODBC connection on the web/app server so I don't understand how it's connecting to the old DB server. When I query the old DB, I see myself logging in to the old. I don't see myself logging into the new. Thanks for any ideas, suggestions.