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    Error:Unable to reserve .lok file for Integrated WLS server (DefaultServer)


      I am having jdev

      Many times I get following error while running my application pages:
      Unable to reserve the .lok file for Integrated WLS server (DefaultServer). Typically this is because another instance of this server is already running in the WLS domain.

      The only way out is to close jdev, delete system11. folder and open jdev again.

      Why is this error dialog shown? Is there any permanent solution?
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          This error means the server instance is still running.

          To stop this instance go to and then login using credentials weblogic/weblogic(or the password you had set). At left top corner there is a box named view changes and restarts. Click on it. Now you will find a dashboard with two tabs change list and restart checklist. Go to restart check list and select the server and click on stop. Now restart from jdev or startup.bat file.