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    Datacopy problem Business rules

      Hi Experts,

      I am having some problems in trying to get the following business rule to work.

      FIX("CUSTOMER_NA","INDUSTRY_NA","VENDOR_NA",[Version],[Year],@Relative("Area",0),@Relative("VALUE TOTAL",0))

      datacopy [Periods]->"ACT"->"Department_total" to [Periods]->"FCST"->"Department_NA";


      It is not copying any data at all.

      However if I rewrite the equation to the following, I am able to copy the data.

      datacopy [Periods]->"ACT" to [Periods]->"FCST";

      Obviously I am required to copy the data from department total to department_na... could it be related to some of the dynamic calc or 2 pass calc settings?

      Many Thanks and Regards