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    Lost my way?important!

      Someone may think I shoud not post this question overhere, but I know this is a good place, because there are many experts who know many many skills. Here is my problem: I have 10 years of experience in Hyperion SQR reporting. As we know, SQR language is used in both PeopleSoft and Hyperion, but 90% is in peoplesoft, and 10% is in Hyperion. For me, I only use SQR in Hyperion and know nothing about peoplesoft. If I use Hyperion SQR as a job title to look for a job in Canada, no positions can be found. But if I use SQR developer as a job title, there are many positions, all of them is about Peoplesoft SQR, as soon as they know I know nothing about Peoplesoft system, they give me up. So I have to rename my job title as Hyperion Developer, ok, there are a lot of Hyperion developer positions indeed. But hyperion is a huge package, Essbase, Planning, HFM, DIM, ODI, .... There are too many skills to know. I use 1.5 year to learn the other Hyperion skills, and can only come to the basic level for most of the other hyperion skills.

      Now, I am lucky to sit on a Hyperion SQR project in USA, and I have time to learn new skills.

      Please experts gave me some advices, should I learn some peoplesoft skills, and make me more like a PeopleSoft SQR developer? If I learn PeopleSoft, peoplesoft is also a huge package, many things to learn. Or I keep learning the other Hyperion skills, even if they have nothing to do with SQR? Or there is the 3rd way? Or 4th way?

      I lost my way in the career market, and not sure what I should do the next step, please experienced experts point out the way for me, very thanks!
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          I would recommend marketing yourself as a BI Developer / Reporting expert - someone who understands both Hyperion and SQR for reporting. SQR in PeopleSoft is used for both reporting and processing. The functionality / code for both are the same. You can discuss during interviews that you have done SQR reports and can easily pickup developing SQR processes.

          Once you get a project as an SQR developer, work hard to get experience in App Designer and App Engine to learn PeopleSoft.
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