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    navigation on valueChangeListener event of <af:selectOneChoice>

      I want to provide options to user to navigate to different pages (screen) using <af:selectOneChoice> (drop down menu). On valueChangeListener I am calling a method which returns a string value depending on value selected in drop down. I have mapping in faces-config.xml file for the values returned from method (method called on changeValueListener).

      I tried with <af:selectOneChoice> component but it does not navigate user to different page but it stays on the same page. When i used command button instead of <af:selectOneChoice> and returned value from method (mapped in faces-config.xml for navigation) then it navigated user to some other page.

      My question is : when valueChangeListener event of <af:selectOneChoice> calls method then will it always stay on the same page or can i navigate user to some other page depending on method return value (return value would be mapped with some jsp in faces-config.xml)