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    FR: Workshop JSP Editor (Nitrox)

      Hi there,

      in spite of many rumours there is no "Workshop JSP Editor (nitrox)" included in the latest release of the eclipse-plugins-set (my download: oepe-galileo- On the other hand it is included in the "Oracle Workshop for WebLogic 10.3", but it cannot be installed to the existing eclipse installation (some newest plugins are meant as not compatible...) and the full installation does not support tomcat 6...

      I'd really need the JSP editor because I used before and it said to be the best one. Therefore two questions:
      - why on earth it is not included anymore in the plugins-set?
      - how to manually make it work? what do I need to take from the "Oracle Workshop for WebLogic 10.3" release to plug it into my eclipse?

      Any help is appreciated.
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          Greg Stachnick-Oracle
          Thank you for the feedback. In Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse we introduced Web Application tooling to support JSP/JSF development as well as AppXRay (our dependency validation engine).

          When installing the OEPE plugins, the Web App features are listed on the Update Site and in your Help > About as Oracle Web Tier Tools

          As a Workshop user, some of the new features in OEPE should look somewhat similar:

          *The Palette has been enhanced to display data such as local variables, session variables, JSF Backing Beans, etc. based on the AppXRay dependency information. Tag Editors were added in this release to make configuration of tags much easier when you drag and drop.

          * The Property sheet now provides form based editing to make configuration and data binding of existing elements on the page easier.

          * The Web Page Editor (WPE) has been enhanced to provide better rendering and support for rendering of resource bundles.

          You are correct in your observation that the WPE in OEPE is not the same as the JSP Editor we had back in Workshop/NitroX. WPE is the JSP designer that is included as part of Eclipse WTP and we are currently responsible for this component in Eclipse. While I admit that WPE is not as feature rich as the old Workshop JSP Editor today, we will continue to improve it until it is on par and exceeds the capabilities of the old editor.

          As you may have seen with the OEPE product, we release pretty frequently and respond to feedback from our users and the community. As we work to improve the WPE, what aspects of the JSP Editor did you use the most and would like to see implemented first in WPE?

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            Guys, is there a proper way to disable the Web Page Editor altogether? Every since I've upgraded OEPE to the latest on Windows Vista Eclipse 3.5, the Eclipse startup time became much slower (I guess due to AppXray initialization overhead) and opening an HTML or JSP page takes up to 10 seconds of spinning circle most of the time. I've tried to associate .html and .jsp extensions with regular HTML editor and remove WPE from the list of editors, but this only works till next time I start Eclipse IDE.

            It would be nice to have a visual editor that gives you an accurate preview of an HTML/JSP page (similar to DreamWeaver), but so far majority of the pages show up with broken layout and missing images. Not much of a value. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

            Thank you,
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              Cameron Bateman-Oracle
              Hi Dmitri,
              It would be nice to have a visual editor that gives you an accurate preview of an HTML/JSP page (similar to DreamWeaver), but so far majority of the pages show up with broken layout
              missing images. Not much of a value. Maybe I am doing something wrong?
              Could you create a sample project that demonstrates the problems you are having and post it to bugs.eclipse.org under Web Tools->JSF Tools? The Web Page Editor is based on the OSS project there and that way we could look at the issues you are having in details and try to improve your experience in the future.

              In the meantime, if performance is your issue I hope you will try our upcoming (not yet released) 1.5 release of OEPE. We have made substantial improvements in the performance of AppXray in that release.

              In terms of disabling the WPE, you can go to Windows->Preferences->File->Editors->File Association, select each file extension you are interested in and click on "JSP Editor" in the bottom list and click "Default". This will switch you back to associating the XML editor with your files. You can still open pages in the WPE by right-clicking on a file and using the "Open With..." option.


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                Thank you, Cameron, for your reply. For now, I've disabled the AppXray discovery and collection, so it helped me with the startup performance as there is no scanning happening on the initial start. Looking forward to your 1.5 release. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed.

                As far as the WPE editor goes, I've already tried changing default setting to different editors, but when I restart Eclipse, it's back to WPE default again. I've even unistalled WPE (optional) from the list of installed software, but still no luck.


                P.S. I will create a sample project and post to JSF tools forum shortly showing the issues that I run into using WPE.
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                  I'm having the same issue with the default editor for jsp files. No matter what I do every time I restart eclipse the default editor for jsps gets set back to Web Page Editor. Is there a workaround for this issue?

                  I'm using Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11gR1 (


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                    Ian Trimble-Oracle
                    This behaviour was identified as an issue with OEPE and has been corrected for the upcoming release. OEPE will now set WPE as the default editor for appropriate files only on the first run of a workspace, and never again (for that workspace), so you will be able to change file associations and they won't get clobbered on the next workspace restart. I'm afraid I know of no workaround.

                    - Ian
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                      Thanks Ian,