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    Schema Mapping in Data Service Integrator


      I'm just examining some schema mapping programs like BizTalk, Altova and IBM Rational Data Architect, and now found Oracle Data Service Integrator which might be a similiar tool. Actually I found out about Data Service Integrator via BeQ AquaLogic, which probably had been some schema mapping tool before Oracle acquired it and now offers it as Data Service Integrator.

      My question is, whether Oracle Data Service Integrator is really applicable for schema mapping/matching, such as creating mappings between xml, csv/flat files or database schemas. I already downloaded it and tried it out, but had troubles creating a map. According to a tutorial you create a physical data service if you wanna do something like mapping, but after I did this there was only a "map" with a source schema. There was no way to add a target schema and map it with the source schema.

      So can I create mappings in Data Service Integrator or are there other products which would be more convenient (Oracle Warehourse Builder for instance)? If so, does anyone know whether there is a good tutorial how to map simple schemas such as xml files in Oracle Data Service Integrator?

      Thank you in advance.
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          After you create your physical data services, create a logical data service using your target schema as the 'return type'. Then add functions and use the xquery mapper to map your physical data services (csv, database, xml, web service etc) to your target schema. You can also use logical data services as the input to a logical data service.