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    URGENT: advice needed re Oracle SOA Stack

      Astonished and perplex was I when I came across the following, a metaphor with Windows/Word is used here for a quick and better understanding.

      Picture us at the beginning of this millennium, the following translation is used in this picture:
      Oracle - Microsoft
      Application Server - Windows
      OC4J - DOS kernel
      WLS - NT kernel
      SOA Suite - Word
      AIA - Spell checker
      PIP - Grammar checker

      We want to buy a word-processor and we are looking which version of Word we should use in our company. Microsoft says in a statement of direction that new versions of Windows will be based on the NT-kernel, the DOS-kernel is considered End-of-Life. The latest Word versions available are for windows 98 (DOS kernel) and for windows 2000 (NT kernel). Here we choose windows 2000 as the platform with the supported Word, in order to follow the same direction as Microsoft states. So far so good.

      But now we would now like to buy the spell checker available for Word, Microsoft supports the spell checker for Word versions on Windows 98 and NT4 (all though NT4 only with spell checker, not the grammar checker), but it appears there is no supported spell checker for Word on Windows 2000 available!

      Furthermore Microsoft tells us it will not support a spell checker for the supported Word on Windows 2000, only the new version of Word coming later this year for Windows XP will have a supported spell checker. But that's not all, even it appears there will be no spell checker supported for the (last planned) release of Word for Windows 98, only for the older Word version (patch 8 or higher) for Windows 98.

      So in conclusion if we want to increase the quality of our work by using the AIA on top of the SOA Suite, we have to un-install SOA Suite with Oracle Application Server 10.3 (WebLogic Server 10.3.1) and install the End-of-Life Oracle Application Server 10.3 (OC4J) with an older version of the SOA Suite ( with patch 8 or higher).

      We can not wait for the AIA & PIP's for SOA Suite 11 to be released end of 2010 because we need our SOA environment ready asap (yesterday).

      This is the story I heard, now the question to you is how to advice this fellow to move on, what are the options and alternatives if there are any???

      Thanx in advance,