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    ORA-06564: object XXX_DAT_DIR does not exist

      I have an external table definition with the default directory defined as xxx_dat_dir.

      type oracle_loader
      default directory xxx_dat_dir
      access parameters
      I have a .sql script with the following statement in it:

      insert into my_table
      (select xo.household_id,
      lpad(xo.account01,14,'0') account01
      from x_table xo);

      This has been working without problems for a couple years.

      Now, I'm wanting to put wrappers around my data loading scripts, so I created some object types:

      create or replace type DataLoader as object (

      record_date date,
      target_name varchar2(30),

      not instantiable member function load_data return number,

      final member procedure load_and_log

      ) not instantiable not final;

      create or replace type SubLoader under DataLoader (
      constructor function SubLoader(self in out nocopy SubLoader, record_date date)
      return self as result,

      overriding member function load_data return number

      Now, the above insert code is in the SubLoader type body in the load_data() function. When I call the function, I get ORA-06564: object XXX_DAT_DIR does not exist.

      Now clearly, it does exist because I can execute the insert within the .sql script without a problem. So, it just seems like it's not accessible within the object type body. or something.

      Thanks for your help.