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    OCI-21500: internal error code, arguments: [kghfrempty:ds]


      The application throws OCI-21500 internal error , when allocating an object using EXEC SQL ALLOCATE.

      below is the error details

      Errors in file :
      OCI-21500: internal error code, arguments: [kghfrempty:ds], [0xA8AA20], [], [], [], [], [], []
      Below is the code sample of the application (its a pro*c code on Oracle 11g (11.1))
      sqlGetEnv(....) ;
      OCI Initilialize(OCI_OBJECT, ...) ;
      OCIHandleAlloc(...) ;

      exec sql allocate :abc

      using OCI function s to populate object attributes
      plsql block uses abc
      exec sql object cahce free all ;

      abc C structure of an object type generated using OTT

      The above fnction is being called in a loop. The first call will be success full but in the second call the above said error shows in the ALLOCATE .
      Please advice.
      Thanks in advance