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    NEW Oracle Primavera Support Community available through MyOracle Support!

    Mary Wiedenman-Oracle
      We are pleased to introduce the new Oracle Primavera Support Community available through MyOracle Support.

      The Oracle Primavera Community gives us the opportunity to collaborate with you in new ways, providing a place to share information, ask questions and find solutions. In addition to partnering with Oracle Support Engineers, who will moderate the forums within the community, you will also be able to leverage the knowledge of other community members with a vast range of experience and expertise. Through your own and others members’ contributions to Discussions, Tips and Tricks, Knowledge Documents and other resources, the level of knowledge in the community grows and adds value for all its participants. Ultimately, the Primavera Community will help you make the most of your Oracle products.

      The launch of this Support sponsored Community encompassing all Primavera products represents the first step from which you, the customer, can help to strengthen and sculpt the development of the Community.

      To visit the Primavera Community, login to My Oracle Support and click the Communities tab or go to [https://communities.oracle.com] . We look forward to receiving your input, working together, and continuing to deliver industry-leading, proactive, and personalised support!
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          Fabio D'Alfonso
          I appreciate the idea but as you can see from the high traffic of this forum, there would be a need to reduce the places about Primavera EVM, instead of increasing that

          We were dissecting the hair already and this additional dilution will be lethal.

          Fabio D'Alfonso

          Oracle Primavera products (former Primavera products) were designed to fulfill specialists needs and do not satisfy customers orientation to be guided to some incredible discovery. The simplest way to get value from Primavera is having a great understanding of that boring complex matter which lies under the product.
          So the "Oracle Crystal Ball" approach to this products will not work.

          So for example, if one is not able to get the EVM by hand in some simple case, he will not be able to leverage on Cost Manager to get results for large entities.

          Probably this is the reason for the really low traffic of this communitiy, among others. No product shortcut or logic (and related inaccuracy) will surrogate the knowledge of the field, and so no need to ask for that kind of solution here : they do no exist.

          Fabio D'Alfonso

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