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    Dashboard Prompt validation problem

      Hello Everybody,

      I have a Dashboard Prompt set up in a single dashboard. The Prompt has 8 input values and some of these fields need to be required for users to be searched on such as Name, DOB, Case Nbr, etc... The problem I've found with Dashboard prompts is that if you do not refresh (or Reload) the dashboard page after an initial search, the prompt values still believe there is a value in that prompt field even if there is not. For example,

      First Search: NAME: John Smith
      DOB: 1/1/1900
      CASE NBR: 123ABC - These are the required fields and they will bring back results

      If the user does not refresh the page and just does into another search using this criteria:

      Sec Search: Name:
      DOB: 1/1/1900
      CASE NBR: - This wiill search the entire table and return all records with a DOB of 1/1/1900 even if NAME and CASE NBR fields are not filled

      -It seems as if by not reloading the dashboard page, OBI believes these other "Mandatory Fields" are still set due the previous search. This is a problem because I cannot allow people searching on just DOB and bringing the system down.

      -I know I can set up prompts within each individaul report to get around this but I was curious if anybody had experienced this problem with Dashboard Prompts and knows of a way around it.

      Thanks in advance,

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          Maybe another option to get around this problem is to grey out the dashboard prompt values when the "GO" button is clicked.
          If you can grey out (Lock) all the prompt fields this will force the user to hit home or click the dashboard page to do another query which will reset the page. I have no clue if this is at all feesable in OBI. Any ideas or thoughts would be great.