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    OBI Repot calling another Report


      I have a dashboard setup with a dashboard prompt to enter name and dob and this calls a report I have set up to return a CASE NBR. I need this first report to call a second report which returns all the additional information the user needs based off of this CASE NBR found from the first report. I am able to connect these two reports together but it requires the user to drill down on the CASE NBR in the dashboard to get to this second report.

      I need to control the users involvement in getting these reports so is there a way to just display the second report without having the user drill down or navigate from the first report to get the second report? I have researched and researched but have not found a way around this problem.

      I'd appreciate any help or ideas that people have.

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          Just had a breakthrough and figured a way around this problem...

          If you put both reports on the dashboard and then go to properties in the first report and go to Show View -> No Results
          This will actually not show any results from the first report on the dashboard even though it is actually running in the background.
          Only the second report will now show up.

          Probably not how OBI was meant to be used but definately a work around.