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    Keystrokes for code folding feature?  Mostly they don't work on Mac OS X

      Some prefer to click, I prefer to type. ;-) On my Macbook Pro, 2.1.1's code folding keystrokes do not seem to work. I have three options each for expand and collapse:

      * all
      * document
      * methods

      After I assign command+control+] to any of the collapse or expand functions, I put my cursor over the signature of a procedure or function. I press the key. Nothing happens.

      Placing the cursor in the body doesn't seem to change things.

      I do note that the right arrow key with the cursor on the word "function" seems to open a folded function body.

      I more or less believe SQLD 2.1.1 on a Macbook has issues with the keyboard. ^. for example doesn't give me insight, for example. I do not have a special keyboard handler installed, and don't see these keystrokes assigned in the machine's keyboard shortcut list.