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    disable SSL in Oracle EBS ... bit urgent plz..

      We have Oracle EBS 12.1.1 running on production which can be accessed through https://host.domain.com
      we are trying to clone the system for the developers
      now we have copied the config files from production to test, which doesnt have an SSL.

      we find that although all the ebs services are running on the clone we are unable to access the webpage of the clone instance.
      http://clone.domain.com:8070 ... (service is running on 8070) we get to the redirection page and it hangs up there ...with page not found

      i feel there is some place where we will have to disable the SSL. we have changed all the URLs in /oracleas44/app/test/inst/apps/appl/admin/prod.xml from https to http, still the issue persists

      can someone please throw more light on this.


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