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    Problem with inconsistent data type

      Hi all,

      I have written this query and trying to execute this and i had the following error.

      I had this error when i am adding description column.if i dont add description column query is working fine._

      Tried to resolve in other ways but didnt worked out.

      Please help on this.

      SELECT description, Product, /*Defect.Product*/
      to_char(bg_detection_date,'yyyy') Year,
      FROM bug
      where service_type like 'Incident'
      and product in ('Siebel','Intg_Mgmt','SOA','NICE','Genesys','Analytics DW')
      BETWEEN TO_DATE('01-01-2009','MM-DD-YYYY')
      AND TO_DATE ('10-30-2010','MM-DD-YYYY')

      group by to_char(bg_detection_date,'yyyy'),to_char(bg_detection_date,'Q'),
      product, description

      order by product,year desc,quarter asc

      error :ORA-00932:Inconsistent data type.expected get clob_