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    Performance issue with AQ

      Hello there,

      Iam enqueueing with the rate of 80 msg/sec. But I can see the below query
       select   /*+ FIRST_ROWS */  t1.owner, t1.name, t1.queue_table, t1.queue_type, t1.max_retries,
                     t1.retry_delay, t1.retention, t1.user_comment, t2. type , t2.object_type, t2.secure
      from  all_queues t1, all_queue_tables t2
      where  t1.owner=:1 and  t1.name=:2 and  t2.owner=:3 and  t1.queue_table=t2.queue_table    
      getting executed very frequently. Iam using Oracle JMS ADT message payload with no receipient list. Not sure when it is getting executed. How to tune this. Iam using JMS template to send messages.

      Can anyone help to tune this since it is hitting DB very hard (200 times/sec) and eating up CPU.

      Thanks in advance.