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    error when i call ADD_RELATED_CONTENT in production enviroment

      hi folks, i'm getting an error when i try to use the service ADD_RELATED_CONTENT in the production enviroment, i'm getting a 401 error

      do any one knows if i have to set any privilegies ? before i call this service? i'm using RIDC to make the call.

      serviceBinder.putLocal("IdcService", "ADD_RELATED_CONTENT");
      serviceBinder.putLocal("dLinkTypeID", dLinkTypeId);
      serviceBinder.putLocal("dSource", "CS");
      serviceBinder.putLocal("dID", destiny);

      //String idNovo = "andreTesteRIDC";

      serviceBinder.putLocal("addLinkID", origin);

      ServiceResponse response = idcClient.sendRequest(userPasswordContext, serviceBinder);

      and then when i do the response.getResponseAsBinder() i get the 401 error