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    Lastest Start Date is Protected

      Hi All,

      We have an issue in HRMS application where in the "Latest Start Date" field in the UI is became protected(grayed out). We have the case where in one of the exisitng employee quit the comapny and now joining again as a Contigent worker. Following is the case.

      Eff_Start_date Eff_End_date Status
      30-JAN-2006 07-MAY-2010 Employee (Latest Start Date = 30-JAN-2006 )
      08-MAY-2010 08-AUG-2010 EX-Employee (Latest Start Date = Null)
      09-AUG-2010 31-DEC-4712 Contigent Worker (Latest Start Date = 09-AUG-2010)

      Our HR Business Admin is created the last record (Contigent Worker record) by putting the Eff_Start_date as "09-AUG-2010". But the Contigent worker said he can able to join from "12-AUG-2010". So he(HR Business Admin ) query to date tracked to the last record (09-AUG-2010 - 31-DEC-4712 Contigent Worker ) and trying to change the Latest Start Date field from "09-AUG-2010" to "12-AUG-2010". But looks like this field is protected and he could not able to make the date change.

      I am new to this application and not sure what needs to do to change/update the "Latest Start Date".

      Thanks in advance.



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