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    Generation Error - when trying to publish a Java web service

      Hi All,

      I keep getting the following Generation Error -- java.util.NoSuchElementException_ when I'm trying to create a Java Web Service using the jdeveloper wizard.
      I have 2 entities and 2 stateless session beans acting as their facades. One entity has a One-One(FK) relationship with the other entity. I test out the entities and session beans using the test client and the OC4J embedded container and everything seems to work. When I try to generate a Java WebService from one of the entities I keep getting the "Generation Error". Could someone please provide me with some insight into why I'm facing this problem, because it seemed fine when I published J2EE web services previously and now this happens and I cant seem to publish web services anymore. Everytime I keep getting the same GenerationError. Thanks in advance.