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    Oracle XE installation on OpenVZ container


      I am trying to install Oracle XE on a OpenVZ container with CentOS template.

      At first, the installation reports that there is not enough swap memory (OpenVZ do not allocate any space to swap memory, by default) and then the installation fails at the post-installation tasks. The listener is running, but no Oracle instance seem to be available.

      I checked the Oracle environment settings, they seem to correct (I have set them with the sh provided by the installed Oracle XE) but if I try to connect to the DB i get this message:

      "ora-01034: oracle not available
      ora-27101: shared memory realm does not exit"

      I found similar problems with XE installations on OpenVZ, but no solution. It seem there must be a way to bypass the swap memory problem in order to correctly install Oracle XE. Anyone knows how to do this? Anyone done a successful installation of XE on a OpenVZ container?