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    Upgrading from OCSG4.1.0 to OCSG4.1.1

    anubhav garg

      We have currently OCSG4.1.0 installed. How can we upgrade it OCSG4.1.1.

      Are there any patches available with which we can upgrade from OCSG4.1.0 to OCSG4.1.1.

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          kk - oracle
          You need to download OCSG411 from http://edelivery.oracle.com/ and you can find the upgrade instructions @ http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E14148_02/wlcp/ocsg41_otn/installguide/upgrade.html.

          BTW, Since the release of OCSG411, Patset 1 was released, to apply the patch set, you need to contact support, its not available for download from edelivery.