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    AV Agent and OS Collector after server reboot

      We are using Oracle AV Server and AV Agent on version with Bundle Patch #1.

      If the target server reboots, both AV agent and OS Aud collector does not come up automatically ?

      Is that a normal behavior ? or we have to do some modifications to get it automatically started.

      Appreciate your guidance.


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          dear viral,

          This is normal behavior of Oracle Audit vault server, if the source database restarts you should have to start agent and collectors manually.

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            You could put it as a startup script, but there isn't anything already written. I call a cron script every hour to make sure that the collectors and agent is up. We had to setup trusted connections from the avagent -> avserver to start the collectors:

            This is on the agent server. We call it every hour from cron.
            export ORACLE_HOME=<you set>
            export LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64=<you set>
            export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<you set>
            export PATH=/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:${ORACLE_HOME}/bin
            export collector_info="<yer collector name 1>:<yer source name 1>
            <yer collector name 2>:<yer source name 2>"
            start_av () {
            # See if av agent is running
            avctl show_oc4j_status | grep not
            export exit_status=${?}
            # If it is not running then start it
            if [ ${exit_status} -eq 0 ]; then
              echo "Starting AV agent"
              avctl start_oc4j
              echo "AV agent is already running"
            start_collector () {
            export collector_name=$1
            export source_name=$2
            # The collector needs to be started from the home av box
            ssh <yer av server ip> /home/oracle/sh/start_collector.sh ${collector_name} ${source_name}
            export exit_status=$?
            if [ ${exit_status} -eq 0 ]; then
              echo "The collector ${collector_name} for ${source_name} was started"
            elif [ ${exit_status} -eq 99 ]; then
              echo "The collector ${collector_name} for ${source_name} was already running"
              echo "The collector ${collector_name} for ${source_name} may have an issue"
            for i in ${collector_info}; do
            collector_name=`echo $i | awk '{ FS=":" }{ print $1 }'`
            source_name=`echo $i | awk '{ FS=":" }{ print $2 }'`
            start_collector ${collector_name} ${source_name}
            This is on your av server start_collector.sh
            export ORACLE_SID=<yer sid>
            export ORAENV_ASK=NO
            . /usr/local/bin/oraenv 1>/dev/null 2>/dev/null
            export collector_name=$1
            export source_name=$2
            export exit_collector_already_running=99
            start_collector () {
            #Check to see if the collector is already running
            avctl show_collector_status     \
                  -collname $collector_name \
                  -srcname $source_name     \
                  | grep not
            export exit_status=$?
            # If the collector is not running then start it
            if [ $exit_status -eq 0 ]; then
              avctl start_collector           \
                    -collname $collector_name \
                    -srcname $source_name
            # Exit with a status that the collector is already running
              exit $exit_collector_already_running