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    DAC email notification

      Hi ,

      I have configured the DAC smtp server properly, the email notification TEST is working and im getting the TEST email notification

      But i dont get any email notification when the ETL finished to run.

      sould i configure the ETL execution plan or somthing?

      any one has an idea?

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          Have you registered email addresses of recipients in DAC Setup View --> Email Recipients tab.

          Also you can set the Notification level

          # 10 -- Notifies recipient of success or failure of each task.
          # 5 -- Notifies recipient of success of failure of the entire ETL process.
          # 1 -- Notifies recipient that ETL completed successfully.

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            Step 1) Go to Tools-->then DAC Server management-->then DAC Server setup. There is a tab for email. make sure your email configurations is done(port-25; email server; email address). Then send test email. If config is successful. Do step 2
            Step 2) Register your email in DAC setup-->Email tab. Ours is default to Setup level #10 . I tried 1 and 5 ours didnt work.


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              Hi, what should be the user name and passowrd while settip the dac server email configuration?