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    Trying to Find Sample Java Implementation for GATE Information Extractor

      I would like to semantically index a large repository of unstructured documents (over a million) using a GATE
      Information Extractor, as described in chapter 4 of the Oracle
      Semantic Technologies Developers Guide 11g Release 2 (E11828-08).

      Page 4-11 states:

      "A sample Java implementation for the GATE listener is available for
      download from the code samples and examples page on OTN (see Section
      1.10, "Semantic Data Examples (PL/SQL and Java)" for information about
      this page)."

      I followed the link and downloaded the sample code, but I can't seem
      to identify any GATE code inside it, or any installation instructions
      for the GATE Information Extractor. Are you familiar with it? Any
      guidance would be appreciated.