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    Can't create entities from tables with JDeveloper 11g

      JDeveloper 11g Release 1 (

      I select New -> EJB -> Entities from Tables. The wizard shows up.

      Step 5, I select my tables.
      Step 6, I use the defaults.
      Step 7 "Specify Entity Details", here is the problem. In the Table Name: drop down box, there are no selections. The other fields are completely blank, and all buttons are grey'ed out, except "Cancel" and "Help". I am forced to cancel out of the wizard.

      I'm using an "Online database connection", which is stored in my IDE. It is an SQL Server connection using the latest driver (sqljdbc4.jar). The connection works fine to browse the database inside the IDE, and the user has full privileges to all the tables.

      Sounds like a bug to me, any ideas?