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    double up quotes (apostrophe)


      I have a variable which contains a french string with a quote: L'experience....
      This string could come from XML-File, text file or error messages.
      How is it possible to double up the single quote to insert this string into a database?
      A simple insert fails because the database does not accept this:
      INSERT INTO xxx VALUES(#variable_name)

      I found a technical document for ODI: ID 867906.1 but this document does not explain how to double up.

      Any hints are appreciated.


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          Please try this way INSERT INTO XXX VALUES ('L''experience') SO make the french string as shown and try . Hope this helps.
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            I know that I must add a 2nd quote for inserting into a database.
            But I am looking for a "tool way" to add this quote, because the string is coming from a query or other sources. This is not a manually retrieved string.

            Is there a way to do it by a Jython script or something similar to replace the single quote by two single quotes?


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              Ankit J

              You can use this INSERT statement inside a procedure.
              Create a procedure and use "Command on Target" pane. Select Oracle as Technology and relevant Schema.
              In the Command window, use this:
              <@ import lang; @>
              <@ v_var="#variable_name".replace("'","''"); @>
              insert into xxx values('<@ out.print(v_var);@>')
              Jython substitution methods are needed to replace one single quote with two single quotes.

              Another point to note is that - This ' symbol should not be in the XML file otherwise your XML file will be malformed.
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                Good morning

                I tried this, but no success.
                He my procedure: (Target tab: Technology Teradata)
                <@ import lang; @>
                <@ v_var="#DEMO.input_test".replace("'","''"); @>
                insert into MB_Test.test values(5,'xxx''xxx') <--- here I tried it with fixed values

                And the error message:
                java.lang.Exception: BeanShell script error: Sourced file: inline evaluation of: `` import lang; out.print("\n") ; v_var="xxx'xxx ".replace("'"," . . . '' : reflection error: bsh.ReflectError: Method replace( java.lang.String, java.lang.String ) not found in class'java.lang.String' : at Line: 2 : in file: inline evaluation of: `` import lang; out.print("\n") ; v_var="xxx'xxx ".replace("'"," . . . '' : .replace ( "'" , "''" )
                BSF info: step1 at line: 0 column: columnNo

                     at com.sunopsis.dwg.codeinterpretor.a.a(a.java)


                I tried also in other procedures the replace function, but it never worked...
                Any help is appreciated.

                If I run only the insert with variables
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                  Can you try with replace('Your Input Field', '' , '"') ?
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                    I tried a lot of combinations:

                    <@ v_var="#DEMO.input_test".replace("'","a"); @> --> Error

                    <@ v_var="#DEMO.input_test".replace('x','a'); @> --> is working, Error follows in the insert step (which is OK)

                    <@ v_var="#DEMO.input_test".replace(''','a'); @> -->Error:java.lang.Exception: BeanShell script error: Sourced file: inline evaluation of: `` import lang; out.print("\n") ; v_var="xxx'xxx ".replace(''',' . . . '' Token Parsing Error: Lexical error at line 2, column 45. Encountered: "\'" (39), after : "\'": <at unknown location>
                    BSF info: step1 at line: 0 column: columnNo

                    It seems that it is a problem to give as first value a ' and i was not able with: ''' "'" "\'" '\''
                    In all cases an error was following.

                    What does the experts recommend?

                    Have a nice weekend

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                      Ankit J
                      Your error says that this method wasnt found in java.lang.string.

                      Do you know what version of Jython you have ? This could be a version issue !
                      Mine is Jython 2.1 and Java 1.6 and I tried similar commands on Windows Command Prompt
                      OracleDI: Starting Jython ...
                      A JDK is required to execute Web Services with OracleDI. You are currently using a JRE.
                      Jython 2.1 on java1.6.0_07 (JIT: null)
                      Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
                      $ import java.lang
                      $ v_var="abc'something"
                      $ v_var1=v_var.replace("'","''")
                      $ print v_var1
                      $ print v_var
                      $ v_var1=v_var.replace("'","''",2)
                      $ print v_var1
                      $ v_var1=v_var.replace("'","''",0)
                      $ print v_var1
                      Try using v_var.replace("'","''",1) - This is an overloaded method that uses third parameter as number of occurrences that you want to replace.
                      Also, try using import java.lang instead of import lang
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                        Great information.
                        The solution is to do with "import java.lang"

                        Here's my code which is running:

                        <@ import java.lang; @>
                        <@ v_var="#DEMO.input_test".replace("'","''"); @>
                        insert into MB_Test.test values(#DEMO.input_test_1,'<@ out.print(v_var);@>')

                        This code inserts the following value: ha'llo (the vaslue was refreshed in the variable input_test

                        Have a nice week