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    Concurrent Request date complete is empty


      When I run the request, the phase = "completed", but when you open the details form, you notice that 'date completed' = empty, and the 'completion text' keeps changing every time you open the details screen.Also, when you try to open the output, it is not there (yet).And when you look into the logfile you only see the first couple of lines (with some info about the select statement in), but none of the logfile messages yet.
      This situation stays unchanged for several minutes (up to 15 min). Only when the 'date complete' is filled in you can open the output file and see the complete logfile.

      To me this behavior is very unusual, never had this before in Apps, even with long-running requests.
      This will cause confusion for users when they run these programs.

      Any help or any guidance would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

      Jyotsna Sajja.