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    Sorting month name

      Hi ALL

      I hv a problem. i hv a month name.
      i want to sort it like jan , feb, mar----' without month code in both report & repository.
      then how to solve it.

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          hi poonam,

          without month code in both report & repository.

          Answers--->If u want to do it in prompt convert the results to sql and use order by date column

          Rpd---->Double click on logical column-->Sort order column name-->Set-->any date column(yyyy/mm) format


          Pull a date column in report put asc order on that one ...hide that column

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            this can be one way too as i followed the same in one of the requirement.

            Take another column and in the formula.use the case clause as below.

            Case when month='Jan' then '01' else case when month='Feb' then '02' else ..... end end

            Do the above for all 12 months.

            Hide this column and sort on this column..

            This will sort the month as you need.


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              Hi poonam,

              veena's answer will help you in the answer's request.

              if you want the same in prompt then go for

              sql results and type

              select month_name from subject_area order by decode(month_name,'jan',1,'feb',2','mar',3.....,'dec',12) asc
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                Kishore Guggilla
                I suggest to have that sort oder to be set in rpd itself.

                It's always better practice to keep sort order on that column using YYYY-MM formatted column
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                  in RPD section we have two columns ( MONTH_IN_YEAR, MONTH_NAME) in the period dimesion.

                  select MONTH_NAME properties -> in expression builder we have option has "set order"-> and select MONTH_IN_YEAR