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    S.O.S........... Old EPS codes not transferable to new EPS


      I got a big problem now. My company had a split and now they making new EPS structure for my company. So, Administrators transferring the projects to new EPS structure. In my current old EPS I have all my projects assigned with EPS codes which provides me a functnality to assign that codes to my EPS projects & use as I want. But, due to transfer I have to remove all my EPS codes & have to make it again in new structure.

      Have you guys suffered from that pain......If there is any other way that I can save my EPS codes & move them to new structure can you please give me your valuable suggestions. Your help can save my 2 weeks work.................

      Your any help is appreciated

      Note:- they are currently have one database & they making new portfolio for new company under same database & In future they will create a new database & copy the new portfolio to the database.

      Thanks in advance

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