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    Information needed on Search Engine Friendly URLs for Oracle iStore

      For a customer in the process of completing their first Oracle iStore implementation, I'm looking for information on how to create User Friendly or Search Engine Friendly URLs. These are URLs that automatically are rewritten to have user defined keywords in the URL instead of the database parameters or special characters.

      My role is strictly as a Marketing/SEO consultant. I'm working with the customer and their Oracle Development firm. However the developers do not know how to do this. I'm not a developer, but I am a former Oracle marketing employee, plus I've been doing E-Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on various web projects for many years. I have not worked on Oracle iStore until now. Any advice and information will be greatly appreciated!

      The customer is using:
      Oracle Database 10g
      Oracle E-Business Suite / iStore  12.0.6

      I'm looking for information around for any resources, examples and pointers for creating Search Engine Friendly URLs for iStore as well as related JSP templates. The process has to be automated or semi-automated, so that the customer can make their own changes. I would definitely appreciate some Oracle development advice. I'm more than happy to give free SEO advice on the business side for your projects.

      Best Regards,

      Richard Lee

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