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    Authentication Domain for PeopleTools 8.49


      I have setup the Authentication Domain from the PeopleTools>> Web profile>> Web profile Configuration>>DEV>> on General tab page i gave the Authentication Domain: xyz.in
      save, bounce the app & web servers cleared the cache
      and now i am not able to log in to the PIA

      Here is the url i am using "https://webserver.<Authentication Domain as xyz.in>:port/psp/Domain_name/?cmd=login"

      How to remove or delete Authentication Domain

      Please let me know.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Adding to the question....
          If we need to change the domain of the PeopleSoft appliaction, how to go about keeping in mid that all intrigration is kept intact and working.

          We had implemented PS FSCM 9.0 and have integration with PS HR 8.8 application. When we try to switch from one application to other it asks for user id and password. Error that we receive 'Invalid user id and password'. We have all passwords in sink and MSAD LDAP integration implemented.

          Gurpreet Sabharwal
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            Can you make sure that you don't have your authentication domain entry in weblogic.xml also?
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              i guess ur doing it on ur personal laptop. authentication domain is not needed to login to the application.
              site can come up as http://pc-name:port/FDEMO/signon.html

              to login to the application, it is simple and easy. go to configuration.properties change the profile name to KIOSK , instead of DEV.
              bounce the server,clear cache. bounce app-server too. then u should be able to login without authentication domain. once u are in, u can navigate to web profile DEV and take off authentication domain.

              if u need further help , reply it back
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                You should put authentication domain starting with "." i.e. .xyz.in