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    Couple general questions related to Contractor

      I'm new to my current company and am unfamiliar with Primavera Contractor. I couldn't find answers to a couple questions and am hoping this community can help me out.

      Does anyone know of a "viewer" software - either Oracle or third party - that can display Contractor schedules? I'm looking to enable certain users to view these schedules without having to purchase Contractor licenses for them. These people will never need to manipulate the schedules, so a full license would be wasted on them.

      Can Contractor open information created in Primavera Suretrak?

      My company has about a dozen licenses purchased long before I started here. Support for these has expired. Since we want to move to Windows 7, and the Contractor version we currently have is not compatible, can I still acquire the most recent version that is compatible with Win 7 for no charge, or am I just out of luck and need to repurchase the most recent version for every Win 7 installation?

      Thanks for your help.