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    How to show  an error Page in Weblogic when the server is down

      Hi ,

      I heard that every container has the facility to show an error page when the server is down and (when the request has arrived at that time ).

      Please tell me how to configure this in BEA weblogic ??

      Thanks .
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          Ravish Mody_MiddlewareMagic

          From my understanding weblogic dose not provide the thing which you are asking for, reason is given below.

          - An application is deployed only on managed server one (MS-1)
          - Now if the request comes to the server (MS-1) when it was running and then for some reason MS-1 goes down then weblogic server would be able to send any response back to the client as its down.
          - Hence nothing can be done as the request object is been lost when the server goes down or even cant redirect to an error page as for doing that too the server has to be up and running.

          However there are other way round which can help you overcome this issue as shown below

          - Use Clusters with few managed servers in it which gives you high availability and load-balancing.
          - Use any web servers like Apache in front of weblogic servers.

          Using the above things you can also use customized HTTP Error Responses with error-page element in web.xml and create your own error pages which can be re-directed for the web server side also. For more information go through the below links

          Topic: Customizing HTTP Error Responses

          Topic: error-page

          Topic: ErrorPage

          Hope above information helps you.