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    Setting up multiple Standby databases using DG

      Has anyone done this, and if so, how is it done? Can I set up multiple standby at the same time? Only documentation I see is on a singular standby setup. Another one just says to "repeat" the process.

      BTW, I am on 11gR2 on Linux.

      Any idea?

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          Hi Kyle,

          Just as it says repeat the process.
          Means you create the standby 1 setting the DG
          You create standby 2 setting DG (another archive log dest, name,...)

          Simply do the same as for creating the first and you get another one (modyfying some parameters of course as said above).

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            Grid Control is not available in my place, so I'm doing all this in command line. So for my init parameter, two parameters I have question on are log_archive_config and fal_client and fal_server. If I have more than on standby, how should these parameters set?

            Also Is there any way I can do it in parallel? I need to set up 2 primary and 10 standbys.

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              First of all, remember that in any DG configuration you can only have 1 primary database, so if you have 2 primary dbs that means that you will have 2 DG configurations (you cannot share standbys between them).

              Also, why configure database parameters manually ? You can always use command line Data Guard broker: DGMGRL as it will set most of db parameters (correctly) for you.

              http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14230/toc.htm or look for Data Guard Broker in ORACLE doc ...
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                I am fully aware of the fact that I need two configurations for my system. I am also aware that Data Guard Manager should be used to set up most of dg parameters. There are still some parameters such as log_archive_dest_n, fal_client, fal_server, log_archive_config, etc that need to be set in the db side, OR can these be also configured in dgmgrl? I did not see any documents or example(s) that showed me it was done.

                Any idea?

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                  these can/will be configured by the broker.

                  The idea is that you do NOT set any data guard related parameters in database manually (except for db_broker_start=TRUE) - broker will do it for you ...
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                    The broker will do all but if you use the broker you MUST only use the broker and not do anything manually because all manual changes will not be taken by the broker. Then you'll have to do it again under the broker.

                    If you don't want to use the broker it's simple.

                    The parameter primary:
                    archive_log_dest_n parameter
                    archive_log_dest_1 -> normaly for the archive on flash recovery area or the backup space for primary
                    standby 1 -> archive_log_dest_2
                    standby 2 -> archive_log_dest_3
                    fal_client string primarydbname.domain
                    fal_server string (no need to especially specify it out of if you need failover, switchover)
                    log_archive_config string DG_CONFIG=(primaryname,standby1name,standby2name)

                    log_archive_dest_state_1 enable
                    log_archive_dest_state_2 enable
                    log_archive_dest_state_3 enable

                    log_archive_dest_1 string LOCATION=USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST VALID_FOR=(ONLINE_LOGFILES,PRIMARY_ROLE) DB_UNIQUE_NAME=primarydbname
                    log_archive_dest_2 string SERVICE=standby1name.domain VALID_FOR=(ONLINE_LOGFILES,PRIMARY_ROLE) OPTIONAL DB_UNIQUE_NAME=standby1name
                    log_archive_dest_3 string SERVICE=standby2name.domain VALID_FOR=(ONLINE_LOGFILES,PRIMARY_ROLE) OPTIONAL DB_UNIQUE_NAME=standby2name

                    Standby side for parameter:
                    fal_client string standbydbname.domainname
                    fal_server string primarydbname.rvponp.fgov.be (if your primary is under rac 2 server for example: fal_server string primarydbnameserver1.rvponp.fgov.be, primarydbnameserver2.rvponp.fgov.be)
                    log_archive_config string DG_CONFIG=(primaryname,standby1name,standby2name)

                    You can do all manually simply just look the good way to write the parameters. I give here normally all you need for 2 standby but maybe I forgot something.

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                      Thank you. It really help me understand better.

                      Can replication be done in parallel to two different standby locations?


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                        Well good if it helped you.

                        Well I never heard about it. Can be interesting to test but some point must be pointed :)

                        If you use backup on tape, only one process will work on it some you'll not be able to do it in parallel I guess.
                        If the backup is on disk and that their're accessed by the 2 locations I guess that it can be possible...

                        Maybe some problem will occur about conflict from using/accessing some files from 2 ways at same time.

                        So really not sure and never heard someone trying that.

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                          MAKE SURE YOU USE DB UNIQUE NAMES in the LOG_ARCHIVE_CONFIG='DG_CONFIG('PROD UNIQ_NAME','STANDBY UNIQ_NAME1','STANDBY UNIQ_NAME2'....) to avoid ORA-16057: DGID from server not in Data Guard configuration

                          and FAL_SERVERS on [primary should have all the values from multiple standbys
                          on standby you can keep just the Prod entry...

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