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    Super/sub-types loaded with different classloaders


      I have a use case where
      - My client has a SampleBO to which he sets various values
      - Needs to extend this SampleBO to ExtendedSampleBO object that provides additional functionality.
      - ExtendedSampleBO is a class that is not present in the client application, but the client can request the framework to downloaded and load it - USING A SEPARATE CLASSLOADER - from binary files stored in the database.
      ( SampleBO is present in the client side and loaded by the normal application classloader )

      My problem is that after I get an ExtendedSampleBO object, if I try to access the methods of the super-type (SampleBO), I get IllegalAccessError. How do I solve this problem??!!

      Re-stating my requirement - Client needs to set some values in a BO. The framework has to provides a mechanism for dynamically extending the functionality of the BO by using binary files deployed to the database.

      Please help!!!
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          public class IllegalAccessError
          extends IncompatibleClassChangeError

          Thrown if an application attempts to access or modify a field, or to call a method that it does not have access to.

          Normally, this error is caught by the compiler; this error can only occur at run time if the definition of a class has incompatibly changed.
          The SampleBO class that your client referenced when compiling ExtendedSampleBO
          does not match the SampleBO class you are using at runtime.
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            Actually problem was that the special `ClassLoader` that loads `ExtendedSampleBO` is not a child of the `ClassLoader` that loaded `SampleBO`. Hence the `ClassLoader` of 'ExtendedSampleBO' was creating its own `SampleBO` class and that was different from the application's `SampleBO` class.

            Actually the application has a large number of Rule-set's (binary files), each of which is loaded from db by its own classloader. However, all of these Rule-sets have a common Master ( also loaded from db by a separate classloader ). So instead of loading the Master binary files from the db for each of the Child-set's, I just save a reference to the master class-loader and use that within the Rule-set's class-loaders to load the files ( to save memory by avoiding same classes being loaded multiple times over multiple classloaders - there will be a large number of Rule-set's).

            Anyone knows of any other solution than making the Master classloader a child of the Rule-set classloader??

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              No, why do you need another solution?