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    content management xml db (cmsxdb)

      I have a problem

      when i Right-click on fop.deploy and select Deploy to -> New Connection

      after, i have this message:
      "Deployment incomplete"

      can you help me.

      thank you.
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          While deploying fop.jar, did the deployment start, i.e did you see statements like this in the log window.,

          loading <some class name>....
          loading <some class name>....
          loading <some class name>....
          loading <some class name>....
          resolving <some class name>....
          resolving <some class name>.....

          The Apache FOP jar files don't get resolved completly when loaded into the database, there might be a few classes that don't get resolved ( SVG rendering files), but these classes are not used by the application. ( hence, not a problem )

          you might also want to check if the JDev being used is a production one( or higher )


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            I had a similar problem with the fop.jar file. I used the loadjava utility to load the jar files. Only fop.jar had problems loading, the others completed without problems.
            When loading fop.jar, the majority of the classes loaded, but quite a few show erros like this:

            ORA-29534: referenced object CMSADMIN.org/apache/fop/fo/flow/FootnoteBody co
            uld not be resolved
            ORA-29534: referenced object CMSADMIN.org/apache/fop/fo/FObj could not be resolved

            Subsequently, when loading the servlets, the Logger class, which could not be resolved from the fop.jar load cannot be resolved when the following servlets are loaded:


            The only idea I have right now is that I am using the wrong version of fop.jar.
            The database version I am using is:

            SQL> select * from v$version;

            Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi
            PL/SQL Release - Production
            CORE Production
            TNS for Solaris: Version - Production
            NLSRTL Version - Production

            The fop verison I loaded is the one currently on the Apache web site and listed as fop-0.20.5.

            Thank you,
            Rosi MacLean