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    Cant Re-Install Java, Says its already installed, but its not!

      Hello users. I need your help.
      I work for Jagex ltd. Makers of Runescape.
      Ive been working there as a junior marketing director's assistant, and ive never had any problems installing or uninstalling and sun products. The past few days have been different. Working for Jagex required me to move to the UK for a while, and this month, following my promotion, i have been relocated back to the us & have been working via my laptop. Well I ended up getting this weird replicating virus and it messed up alot of my programs, so i uninstalled java to make sure nothing got corrupted. Well I got the virus gone. But now when I try to re-install the latest version of java, it downloads fine, and when the installer starts it says " This software has already been installed on this computer. Would you like to re-install?" I click yes, then it proceeds to say " This action is only valid for products that are currently installed." . . . wtf.

      I have NO versions of java on my system, no registry, no program files.

      Ive tried the manual installer, and the online installation, both say the same thing.

      Ive checked the reg files, none.

      So, can you help me? The reason im coming here is because i dont want to call my boss and tell him that not even a week into being back in the states i already have a problem. And Runescape is a java based app. So it is very important for me to have.

      HELP ME ASAP!!

      Im running on windows xp sp3
      Acer One.