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    dumping large heap process

      Hi all,

      I'm working with Glassfish V2.1 as Appserver. My application run by several days without problem, sporadically server hangs up. As jvisualvm shows, looks like there is a memory leak in some query or action in app.

      Xmx option has 2560M, when proccess gets OutOfMemory i try to dump memory in order to identify large objects with:

      jmap -dump:file=/path/to/dump.bin -F PROCESS_NUMBER

      that command takes around 30 mins and hangs too, file /path/to/dump.bin is never created. Only works when server has around 512M in Xmx

      How can i dump large Files?

      O.S: Solaris 5.10
      Arch: sparc
      JVM: 1.6.0 b17

      Thanks for your replies.