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    Profile TAB does not show up in JVisualVM

      My application is running on JDK 1.6_14 on Windows Vista. When i run JVisualVM, this application shows up in the “local” node as <Unknown Application>. Command jps also shows the application as "process information unavailable".

      After that I set it up the JMX agent as follows.


      I used the Add JMX connection in the “local” node to add the application. I could then create the Thread dump and analyze memory with the thread dump etc. However I still cannot profile CPU. The profile TAB is missing completely so I cannot do any performance timings.

      We are using the NTFS and the temp directory seems accessible. A directory called [hsperfdata_vsshetty] is created and seems to have the right permissions. I can manually create a directory or file in this directory.

      I have tried many things but none of them work. Is there a way to get the “profile” tab ? Any help will be appreciated.